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Potable Water Tank Cleaning

Worldwide, the broadest range of products for the cleaning and disinfection of the potable water tanks of local council and industrial water supplies.

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Swimming pool

CARELA® water hygiene – number one partner for professional swimming pool hygiene.
The most effective cleaning products, most efficient disinfection products, reliable technology and professional expert service.

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Building Installations

Micro-biological problems that need to be taken seriously can be concealed in potable water installations.

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The most effective range of products for the cleaning and disinfection of potable water pipe systems in the field of municipal and and industrial water supply.

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Multi-Step Rinsing

'CARELA® Multi-Step Rinsing' can be used to completely decontaminate domestic water supply systems very efficiently,

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The New Potable Water Ordinance

On 14.12.2012, the 2nd amendment of the [German] Potable Water Ordnance of 1.11.2011 came into force.

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Well Regeneration

In the course of their years of operation, wells frequently experience a drop in output, but that does not always have to mean creating a new well.

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Wasserperlen 2016 EN

A Healthy New Year!

We would like to thank our customers for a great season 2015.
You can expect best quality and innovation from us.