Water has character! This must be preserved!

CARELA® water suppliers guarantee this character and guarantee water hygiene!

(Bernd Krumrey)

CARELA®, water hygiene - pure enjoyment!

The well is alive

Brunnenschacht-f-webThe compression of well filters usually has biological causes. Water-borne bacteria protect themselves with mucous, high-protein substances against hostile environmental conditions. They form microscopic and macroscopic bio-films, which means they cover the surfaces in the filter and well structure as well as in the upstream water systems with more or less thick layers of 'living' protein. These provide favourable living conditions for specialised bacteria and funghi which convert and secrete organic and anorganic substances dissolved in the water.

This leads to grain growth in the filter and thus causes changes in the grain and gap distributions originally deployed in the filter. In extreme cases, the grains of gravel grow together to form solid concretions, disrupting or quite simply eliminating the filter function.

CARELA® regeneration agents dissolve iron, manganese and of course all types of lime deposits. Incrustations, sintering and mucilage are also reliably removed. Bacteria and funghi that reduce iron, manganese and sulphur are exposed and reliably killed off.


Well regeneration

The aim of regeneration is therefore to treat ageing wells in such a way that they regain their original supply output or even exceed it.

The innovative research and development in our company lead to new products that have made it possible to solve these worldwide problems in the field of water supply effectively, in an environmentally friendly manner and with the consumption of a minimum of material.

Brunnenregenerierung: Brunnen vorherBEFORE:
Well shaft with solid deposits on the walls
Brunnenregenerierung: Brunnen nachherAFTER:
Well shaft after regeneration