Water has character! This must be preserved!

CARELA® water suppliers guarantee this character and guarantee water hygiene!

(Bernd Krumrey)

Disinfection | Decontamination

For many of our customers, the CARELA® brand stands for more than 40 years of quality and service. With many years of experience and modern know-how, we develop, produce and market effective cleaning and disinfection agents for potable, industrial and process water systems. Our solutions are used for, among other things, disinfection-cleaning of potable water tanks and to clean and descale industrial and process water systems.

Also in the municipal sector, CARELA® is your partner for the cleaning and disinfection of potable water systems and pipe network disinfection. Our skilled CARELA® service team will come to your site at any time to clean and disinfect your installations etc. with expertise.


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