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Who we are

With the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG) – Clean Water and Sanitation – in mind, we work for a sustainable, safe and economic supply of drinking water in the EU and globally.

What we do

Facilities that produce, store and distribute potable water require high hygienic standards. At CARELA we have a long history in drinking water sanitation – for more than 50 years we are committed to establishing and maintaining hygienic conditions in potable water facilities. From the well all the way to the tap. Our portfolio encompasses products for regenerating potable water wells, highly efficacious cleaning agents for potable water storage tanks and distribution pipelines, and ready-to-use disinfection products for surfaces of all kinds. Our cleaning agents – formulated, produced and quality checked entirely by ourselves – were designed to match the individual demands of all commonly used materials while gently yet efficiently removing typically encountered deposits and sediments, such as:

  • Ferrous and manganese deposits
  • Scaling
  • Rust
  • Sediments
  • Viscous or slimy deposits (biofouling, biofilm)
  • Legionella pneumophila and Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Coliform bacteria, coli, and Enterococci


The products may be used on surfaces made of:

  • Concrete and cement-based material
  • Plastic, synthetic material
  • Stainless steel
  • Tiles and seams


Our cleaning and disinfection products are also successfully used for:

  • Thorough, professional cleaning of swimming pools, whirlpools and other spa facilities
  • Professional cleaning of animal basins and compounds in zoos
  • Hygienic cleaning of potable water tanks on charter yachts and caravans
  • Disinfection of potable water according to legal requirements

As water sanitation experts, we combine proven methods and innovative technologies to offer a range of professional and highly refined cleaning and disinfection products that really do the job. Simple to use and quick to work. No matter for which application you need our help with, we provide you with just the right product and a comprehensive consultation and service!

How can we help you?

Is it your responsibility to provide clean and safe drinking water? That means you have also taken on the responsibility for hygienically sound drinking water facilities. For professionals within the drinking water sector we provide cleaning products with proven efficacy specifically formulated to clean and preserve surfaces that are in constant contact with water.
Contact us today for more information!

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Tierverträgliche, zulässige, kraftvolle Reinigung von Aquarien, Käfigen, Terrarien, Futternäpfen, Tränken, etc. Zoo + Landwirtschaft Ansehen Trinkwassertankdesinfek-tion, Dieselkontamination, Oberflächenreinigung, etc. Yacht + Wohnmobil Ansehen Desinfektion, Fugenreinigung, Wassertank, etc. Schwimmbad + Wellness Ansehen Brunnen, Behälter, Hochbehälter, etc. Wasserversorgung Ansehen Krankenhäuser, Pflegeheime, etc. Gesundheitswesen Ansehen Leitungssysteme, Überlandleitungen, Armaturen, etc. Gebäude Ansehen Reisebuss, Bahn, Flugzeug, Rastplatz, Tankstelle, etc. Verkehr Ansehen Tierverträgliche, zulässige, kraftvolle Reinigung von Aquarien, Käfigen, Terrarien, Futternäpfen, Tränken, etc. Zoo + Landwirtschaft Ansehen Hotels, Schulen, Küchen, etc. Servicebereich Ansehen

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