The new aquaSafer® system with automated online sampling, sample preparation and immediate microbiological detection of pathogens such as Legionella pneumophila or Pseudomonas aeruginosa supplements the proven careBox for disinfection and/or water conditioning. The control modules coSima CL for monitoring free halogen (free chlorine) and coSima CD for monitoring chlorine dioxide and online monitoring of other desired physical and chemical parameters, which can ideally be installed at the end of the line, round off the modular expandable system. The requirements for monitoring and documentation as well as CE/USPH conformity are of course met. The new aquaSafer® module revolutionises on-site analysis of hygienic microbiological parameters. The careBox has effective utility model protection and replaces in-situ chlorine dioxide systems. In-situ chlorine dioxide production processes and plants, e.g. the chlorite/hydrochloric acid process, are currently undergoing what is expected to be a lengthy review by the ECHA under the Biocide Regulation. On the other hand, the careBox system, for example, is already legally compliant under biocide law, because the sensible future-oriented requirements of the UBA (German Environment Agency) have been fulfilled with foresight. Using the careBox, it is possible to dose both chlorine dioxide solution produced according to the chlorite/peroxodisulphate process (No. 3), as well as industrially prefabricated, high-purity chlorine dioxide solution (§12 List of the Drinking Water Ordinance as of 12/2021 Part B2, No. 1), and e.g. sodium hypochlorite solution (No. 5) without the in-situ chlorine dioxide plants (chlorite/hydrochloric acid process, according to §11 List of the Drinking Water Ordinance as of 12/2021 Part II, No. 2), which are currently subject to further critical scrutiny. Through communication between careBox (water conditioning) and coSima (detection module biocide or chemical/physical parameter in potable water), an event-based automated temporary potable water disinfection is possible immediately in case of real-time pathogen detection (aquaSafer®). The person in charge is informed immediately and thus enabled to initiate further steps to investigate the cause. The aquaSafer® and careBox® system with coSima or the individual modules can be retrofitted into any water technology system.

Areas of application for the aquaSafer®-system

  • Potable water
  • Bathing water
  • Industrial + process water
  • Recooling plants
  • Agriculture
  • Animal husbandry etc.

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