Cleaning of swimming pools







Thorough cleaning reduces the risk of infection

Bathers carry microscopic organisms and organic substances into the pool water in form of hair, skin particles, sweat and other body fluids, cosmetics and sunscreen. Most of the microorganisms that bathers give into the water are harmless to others because the natural defense mechanism can usually cope with it. . However, pathogens that can cause various infections also get into the pool water. These include, above all, respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal diseases and eye, ear or skin infections. Microbiological parameters with maximum permitted values or action values are E. coli (as an indicator of faecal contamination), Pseudomonas aeruginosa , Legionella species and the number of colonies (36 °C). In addition to these parameters, viruses, mycobacteria or EHEC (enterhaemorrhagic E. coli ) can also lead to infections. For comprehensive hygiene and protection against infections, the entire system of cleaning, disinfection and treatment must be coordinated and function properly. Proper hygiene is therefore an interplay of system technology and the right disinfection and cleaning products. Thorough cleaning of basins and system parts with the right product makes disinfection easier and less disinfectant has to be used. This is because microorganisms can settle in deposits, on surfaces, in pipes and on filters and form a biofilm. This prevents the disinfectant from reaching the germs. If dirt and deposits are removed first, pathogens can also be eliminated.

Cleanliness is the basis for hygiene! It not only reduces the risk of infection, but also allows bathers to relax and feel good.

Overwintering and spring cleaning 

Swimming pool manufacturers recommend overwintering outdoor pools in a filled state to protect the tiles and structure from, for example, frost. Outdoor pools have to be emptied annually and be refilled after cleaning. If this is not done, filters and filter systems can easily become contaminated – high renovation costs are inevitable. The costs for a renovation often quickly exceed the manageable cleaning effort many times over!

In the case of outdoor pools, the water is usually changed in spring as cleaning is carried out anyway at the start of the season.

If the recommended overwintering agent fails to do its expected job or if you want to make better use of your working time and manpower than with tedious cleaning work, with CARELA® products the deposit residues are quickly and completely removed in just a few steps.

For the main cleaning at the start of the season, our pool experts recommend using BioPool for indoor and outdoor pools. This highly effective cleaner has been specially developed for removing limescale and other dirt deposits while being extremely gentle on the material. It is applied using a spray lance over a large area with special low-pressure spray units developed by CARELA® (either the AIR-MAT silent or the high-performance battery-operated version NOVO-MAT 1+) and rinsed off with water after an exposure time of around 20 minutes.

puroDes EN , a highly effective, powdery neutral cleaner, is ideal for cleaning foil, plastic or stainless steel pools.

Hours instead of days

So far, the complete cleaning of an indoor or outdoor pool has taken several days. CARELA® products do the job more professionally and within a few hours. The active agent components, which have been researched and developed over many years, offer pool staff the advantage that the product cleans – so the staff does not have to scrub. CARELA® – and the pool staff is happy.

Low pressure instead of high pressure

Preserve the value of your swimming pool and your health – switch to low pressure!

The annual basic cleaning is usually carried out using a high-pressure spray unit. However, this creates the risk of damaging or even destroying the surfaces and grouting of tiles. In addition, dirt and germs are spread over a large area and in an uncontrollable manner. By now some health authorities prohibit the use of high-pressure spray units, as there is a risk that employees as well as ventilation and air conditioning systems are impaired by microbiologically contaminated aerosols. The cleaning result is questioned or enormously delayed. Choosing the wrong cleaning agent manufacturer or cleaning agent forces you to unnecessary, energy-sapping scrubbing!

Like many other swimming pool professionals, you too can switch to low-pressure spray units and special products where the product cleans and the staff does not have to scrub. Trust CARELA® products!

The CARELA® low-pressure spray units AIR-MAT silent or NOVO-MAT 1+ are operated with a maximum pressure of 0.3 bar, i.e. a controlled spray fan helps you to completely wet the surfaces to be treated faster and more efficiently, without uncontrolled contamination of the environment. The low-noise spray units are self-priming, safe to run dry and, at <15dB, particularly quiet. Thus, you meet the requirements of BGV B3, it is not necessary to wear hearing protection!

Substitution requirement

In addition to the minimisation requirement, i.e. the responsible use of chemical products, there is also the substitution requirement. This is based on the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances and BGV A1. Simply put, these requirements mean:
If different active agents or working methods that have the same effect are available, then the active agent or working method must be used that is less of a burden for the environment and/or the employee!

What does this mean for swimming pool operators?

It’s simple – look around for other effective products and ways of working. CARELA® offers very good alternatives for swimming pool operations. Faster, easier, safer!

Cleaning by our service team – the vario-clean-pool procedure

Powerful cleaning method with the best cleaning products in the swimming pool area


Gentle mechanical, material-friendly pre-cleaning using special technology from CARELA®


For the the most important cleaning step,
a variety of products are available
depending on the degree of hardness and the type of soiling.



Depending on the type of pool or water reservoir
(stainless steel, plastic, tiles, concrete),
other in-house developed products are available.
These are free of chlorine, chlorine dioxide, alcohols and aldehydes
and can be safely discharged into the wastewater system.

if desired


Disinfection measures
to ensure long-term sterility of the entire system.

Maintaining a swimming pool is a necessity that should not be neglected or even forgotten. It serves your own health and that of your bathers, so that you can enjoy your swimming pool for a long time. CARELA® undertakes regular cleaning and maintenance, carefully removes all deposits in which germs, bacteria and fungi can hide. When cleaning your swimming pool, we use environmentally friendly and biodegradable cleaning agents.

The CARELA® product range and CARELA® service teams make unrestricted bathing fun possible, so that the pool staff can fulfil their hygiene responsibilities and bathers can enjoy bathing pleasure without worries.

Swimming pool cleaning – nationwide by CARELA® service teams