Cleaning of water storage tanks

Cleaning of water storange tanks – very easy with CARELA according to DIN 19643:2012-11

The cleaning of water storage tanks should be carried out according to DIN 19643: 2012-11 when necessary but at least every six months. The cleaning of water storage tanks is a disinfection cleaning. CARELA® offers effective products that remove fats, oils, powdered activated carbon and biofilm reliably, quickly and easily. CARELA® products have a very good cleaning and disinfection effect, can be used for all types of tanks, meet the requirements of the Hazardous Substances Ordinance and BGV A1 and do not form any disinfection by-products.

All CARELA® products are very easy to apply with the low pressure spray units.

muEX forte and BioPool have established themselves among swimming pool operators for fast surge water tank cleaning.

Advantages that convince:

  • grease, oil, powdered activated carbon and biofilm are removed easily
  • very good disinfection and cleaning effect
  • applicable for all types of tanks
  • no formation of DNP (chloramines)
  • easy to apply with AIR-MAT silent

for surfaces of potable water installations and for biofilm removal in the pipeline and potable water system

Biofilm Remover Water Storage Pool Drinking Water System

for the annual cleaning of swimming pools, water tank storages and backwash reservoirs