Cleaning potable water tanks and pipes professionally

Why must be cleaned?

During normal operation, inorganic and organic deposits accumulate on tank walls, inner pipe surfaces and other surfaces. Sooner or later, these can significantly impair the quality of potable water. If microorganisms are continuously entering, biofilms will form on surfaces. Although these do not initially pose a health risk, as they consist of mostly harmless potable water microbes, they provide a suitable habitat for potential pathogens such as Legionella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. If these harmful organisms multiply massively, they also pose a health risk to consumers. Cleaning removes loose deposits and, if the right cleaning product is used, also solid deposits. The right chemical cleaning product can also break up biofilms and thus optimally prepare the potable water system for subsequent disinfection.

What must be cleaned?

Every system that contains or transports potable water or raw water used to produce potable water should be hygienically cleaned on a regular basis. This includes:

  • wells
  • potable water tanks
  • potable water pipes
  • house installations

When must be cleaned?

Potable water systems should be cleaned routinely but necessarily in the following cases:

  • before initial operation or recommissioning of the system
  • after repairs to the system
  • after maintenance measures or changes to the system
  • if contamination or exceeding of limits with coliform bacteria, E. coli, enterococci, legionella or other harmful organisms is detected

Why should you use CARELA® cleaning products?

At CARELA® we develop and produce our cleaning products ourselves and therefore know exactly how (and that they) work! They are specially developed for their respective area of ​​application. We develop proven products further in order to optimise their effect or adapt them to new legal requirements. So that you are on the safe side. We not only keep an eye on the national and EU-wide legal situation but also on the latest scientific findings in order to always achieve the best result and that you can clean your system efficiently, easily and legally.

The basic principle of the “Sinner’s circle” applies to every cleaning.

For example, if you want to clean faster, you have to work with more efficient cleaning agents and with stronger acting mechanics.
You can bypass the mechanics by relying on the efficient CARELA® special products with their optimised active ingredients.


Products for cleaning potable water systems

Rapid-working cleaning intensifier (2 l canister) for all CARELA® multi-component Weiterlesen »
Two-component product with active oxygen for powerful fine cleaning of Weiterlesen »
disinfectant cleaner drinking water tank
Chlorine-free quality disinfectant cleaner for drinking water tanks
Newly developed, highly effective hygienic cleaner for drinking water systems Weiterlesen »
Biofilm Remover Water Storage Pool Drinking Water System
Highly effective pre-cleaner for surfaces of drinking water systems and Weiterlesen »
Two-component product with active oxygen for powerful fine cleaning of Weiterlesen »
highly effective basic cleaner for all acid-resistant drinking water systems

Would you like to have your plant disinfected by experienced professionals?

The korinexan industrial services gmbh works with the efficient CARELA® products and can take over the cleaning and disinfection for you.
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