Potable water pipeline

Professional pipe cleaning and pipe unblocking

The pipes of the potable water supply take on the important task of continuously transporting high quality potable water to the consumer. This task should be fulfilled as unobstructed as possible and in the long-term. This requires that not only the transported water but also the pipes themselves are and remain in perfect condition. However, since the water contains both inorganic and organic substances that accumulate on the inner walls of the pipes and lead to solid or slimy deposits, pipes should be thoroughly cleaned regularly. This must be done in a way that is gentle on the material without compromising cleaning power and hygiene.

With CARELA products you get both:

  • an effective cleaning that removes all types of deposits such as limescale or biofilms
  • a material -friendly and specially adapted cleaning that maintains the availability of the pipe system in the long term.

Potable water is not sterile!

Potable water naturally contains a wide variety of microorganisms, which under normal circumstances occur in quite small numbers. However, among them are potential pathogens such as the bacteria Legionella pneumophila, Pseudomonas aeruginosa or mycobacteria. If these bacteria succeed in multiplying strongly within a potable water biofilm, they can pose a risk to humans. Especially if microbial contamination or strong biofilm formation is found, thorough cleaning should be followed by disinfection.

Hygienic requirements for potable water

Potentially harmful microorganisms can also enter the pipes through repair and maintenance measures, network extensions or other changes to the system. There they can settle in the existing biofilm and be released into the potable water over a longer period. In order to comply with the hygienic requirements for potable water, the pipes should also be thoroughly cleaned and properly disinfected after such interventions.