Cleaning and disinfection in the yacht and motorhome sector


Hygiene plays an important role on board, be it in relation to potable water or cleanliness in general. CARELA® offers a wide range of high-quality cleaning products and disinfectants for inland and maritime shipping, boats, yachts and the charter business. The products are suitable for general interior and exterior cleaning, for the care of hulls, decks, tarpaulins, fenders, masts and sails as well as for the disinfection of potable water systems and potable water tanks.


Travelling by motorhome, caravan or camper is becoming increasingly popular. With the caravan range, motorhome owners, the charter business and campsites are perfectly equipped. The caravan range is a system of products for interior and exterior cleaning as well as for cleaning and disinfecting potable water tanks. CARELA® also offers immediate help for the emergency “diesel in the water tank”!

Products and devices

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