CARELA – Drinking water hygiene

Everything about drinking water hygiene – get to know our effective products!

Supplement drinking water hygiene

Cleaning, disinfecting agents and equipment for drinking water tanks made of cement mortar, plastic, stainless steel, tiles and concrete.


Things to know about the automatable water conditioning system


the special edition for SHK Essen


CARELA – Bath world

Immerse yourself in the CARELA bathing world and get an overview of
our products for the bathroom sector!

Supplement bath hygiene

Detergents and disinfectants for the swimming pool and wellness area


Supplement bath hygiene spring cleaning

Cleaning and disinfecting agents for the start of the season in the pool sector

Hunting supplement

Detergents and disinfectants in the field of hunting and agriculture

korinexan – Industrial Cleaning Service

Get to know the comprehensive services of the korinexan industrial services gmbh brand!

Supplement korinexan – industrial cleaning service

The services of the korinexan industrial services gmbh brand at a glance



Car dealerships

Cleaning and disinfecting agents for car dealerships, workshops, car washes/wash lines, transport companies, travel companies, driving schools, cab companies, car rental companies, etc.


Building yard

Detergents and water conditioners for the removal and prevention of green deposits in ornamental fountains and products for cleaning and maintenance of fleet and machinery.

FIX & DES bulk 7.5

Product for hygienic hand washing and surface disinfectant

Hairdressing salons

Detergents and disinfectants for hairdressing salons



Capsules for disinfection of drinking water in the areas of motorhomes & yachts.

ZOO Program

Coordinated products with different pH values for basic and maintenance cleaning in zoos and animal areas