Yacht range


TALAZID Capsules

Disinfection capsules for easy and fast disinfection of potable water

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Surface disinfection, disinfection of toilets

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Cleaning agent

Hull cleaner XTREME

Removes quickly and automatically stubborn dirt such as rust, green layers, mussels, bamacles and other deposits on the gelcoat

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tarpaulin cleaner

Special canvas and tarpaulin cleaner. Dirt and mould stains are removed effectively. Concentrate.

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yacht cleaner

Especially for polyester, removes automatically and gently stubborn dirt, hard-water deposits, tar, oil, rust, algae, gray and yellow discolouration. The gelcoat regains its shine.

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yacht cleaner floor

Special cleaner for ingrained dirt on textured anti-slip deck flooring, without attacking the adhesive. The deck coverings become almost unrecognisable with their regained shine.

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Greyed colours on rubber parts and fenders regain their brilliance after a short exposure time

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yacht brightener

Special high-performance cleaner, ready-to-use solution for all surfaces and materials

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ALUMAST brightener

Mast cleaner especially for aluminium, non-ferrous metals and bronze, concentrate

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CAMPER clean rapid

For exterior and interior cleaning of yacht, boat, ship etc.

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Fresh water tank

Tank cleaner Xtreme

Special product against limescale and musty odours in mobile potable water systems, primarily after long periods of no use – without citric acid or chlorine

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Tank fresh

Special cleaning product for contaminated water tanks, ensures quickly and easily a hygienically safe tank

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easy clean tour set

Cleaning of mobile potable water tanks and potable water distribution systems made of plastic

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easy clean oil set

Cleaning of potable water tanks in the event of diesel contamination

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