Cleaning and disinfecting professionally potable water tanks and systems

As the number 1 foodstuff, potable water must be perfectly hygienic and drinkable at all times. For this reason, all potable water systems and pipeline systems should be hygienically cleaned on a regular basis – at least once a year. Biofilms and other organic contaminants settle on surfaces that come into contact with water. Due to their chemical-physical properties, they cannot be completely removed with water alone. High-pressure devices should also not be used for this purpose, as these can permanently damage the material surface.

The CARELA® cleaning products are an effective and material-friendly alternative. They dissolve deposits containing iron, lime and manganese. Biofilms, algae and other deposits are safely removed. CARELA® special cleaners are never applied with high pressure, but rather in a gentle low-pressure spray process over a wide area and penetrate encrusted deposits very efficiently. They loosen and dissolve deposit components after only a short exposure time. CARELA® products are optimally adapted to the surfaces to be treated.

Clean potable water tanks

Disinfect potable water tanks

As a forward-looking water engineer or water supplier, you not only bear the responsibility towards the consumer for a consistently high quality of potable water but also towards the municipalities and system operators for ecological, economical and sustainable operation of the potable water tank or system, which ensures the availability of the system, especially in the long term. This also includes the protection of the building materials used.

We have developed products specifically for the materials used in potable water systems and the respective purposes. In addition, we continually adapt our proven products to new hygienic, legal and technological requirements so that you can always use the right special product for your application and rely on it.

Highly effective products

Rapid-working cleaning intensifier (2 l canister) for all CARELA® multi-component Weiterlesen »
Two-component product with active oxygen for powerful fine cleaning of Weiterlesen »
disinfectant cleaner drinking water tank
Chlorine-free quality disinfectant cleaner for drinking water tanks
Newly developed, highly effective hygienic cleaner for drinking water systems Weiterlesen »
Biofilm Remover Water Storage Pool Drinking Water System
Highly effective pre-cleaner for surfaces of drinking water systems and Weiterlesen »
Two-component product with active oxygen for powerful fine cleaning of Weiterlesen »
highly effective basic cleaner for all acid-resistant drinking water systems

Alkaline, neutral, acidic – CARELA offers the full range!

The material surface decides which cleaning agent and which cleaning or disinfection method is both effective and gentle and thus brings long-term safety.

A cost-effective solution for the moment often turns out to be the most expensive option afterwards if impairments have not been properly removed or the material has been damaged. This can happen when surfaces are treated unnecessarily aggressively or not professionally. Then, unavoidable improvements or even repairs lead to undesirable follow-up costs and increased expenditure of time.

With CARELA® products, you as a water engineer, water supplier or municipality decide today for a cost-efficient and sustainably hygienic potable water supply of tomorrow!

CARELA water hygiene – pure enjoyment!

TW alkaline

Quick cleaning and care of painted surfaces of plant components and facilities


TW neutral

Neutral cleaner for all water-compatible surfaces – removes stubborn dirt


TW acid

Cleaner for water-compatible surfaces, pipes, fittings and glass