Cleaning and disinfection in the healthcare sector

Clinics, hospitals and nursing stations

Legionella and pseudomonad control
Cleaning and disinfection
  • potable water tanks and systems in accordance with the applicable DVGW guidelines (W 291 and W 300)
  • air handling units according to VDI 6022, VDI 2047-2
  • building installations according to DVGW W 557 (A) + DVGW W 556
  • swimming and therapy pools
  • accredited taking and analysis of potable and bathing water samples according to DIN EN ISO 19458
  • hazard analyses according to VDI 6023 and UBA Dec. 12 by korinexan industrial services

FIX & DES bulk 7.5

Product for surface disinfection and hygienic handwash, non-alcoholic and ready for use.

Medical-technical systems

Precaution and rapid assistance with contaminated potable water systems in the hospital area
  • recognised method for cleaning and disinfecting contaminated cooling water systems in dental units
  • effective against legionella, pseudomonads, mycobacterium chelonae as well as algal and bacterial biofilms
  • accredited water sampling and analysis

In a supply water pipe of a dentist’s chair, the colonisation of Mycobacterium chelonae was detected in the biofilm. Elimination of the bacterium by chlorination turned out to be ineffective.

… In this case, experience has shown that chlorination generally fails, even as high chlorination. If the contamination affects the cold water network, success can be expected with chlorine dioxide.

… Prior to this, alkaline cleaning (e.g. muEX forte) should be carried out.

muEX forte

Highly effective pre-cleaner especially for infestation by legionella and pseudomonads, for biofilm removal

Biofilm Remover Water Storage Pool Drinking Water System


Chlorine-free disinfectant for potable water systems of all kinds, free of heavy metals and other substances that pollute waste water.