• auto-reinigen-verkehr
  • auto-desinfizieren-verkehr
  • Mann-reinigt-Zug-mit-Schlauch-verkehr

Transport – cleaning and disinfection of cars, buses,
trams, etc.

Cleaning and disinfecting agents for the transport sector as car dealerships, workshops, car washes/wash lines, transport companies, travel companies, driving schools, taxi companies, car rental companies, etc.

FIX & DES bulk 7.5

Product for surface disinfection and hygienic handwash

Ready-to-use solution for disinfection

  • non-alcoholic
  • dermatologically tested “excellent”, for children aged 2 and older clinically dermatologically tested “excellent”
  • does not damage surfaces
  • long-term storable – no hazardous material

Disinfection of surfaces of all kinds, e.g. steering wheels, dashboards, gear knobs, hand brakes, handles of all kinds, door handles, doors, counters, control panels, touch screens, sanitary fittings, etc.


For interior and exterior cleaning

Low-foaming, powerful cleaning concentrate for interior and exterior cleaning of all types of vehicles. Ideal for sheet metal, plastic as well as glass panes and as floor cleaner. Removes quickly and thoroughly all oily and greasy dirt.

Very suitable for washing systems, high-pressure, low-pressure, hot-water and steam-jet machines as well as for floor cleaning machines and wet vacuums for the treatment of sealed wooden floors, tiled, stone and PVC coverings as well as concrete. Even in the case of water with a high lime content, the nozzles and water-carrying systems of the cleaning machines and appliances are protected, as it binds the calcium in soluble form.


For cleaning aluminium rims and other surfaces

Highly effective rim cleaner for non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, brass, copper, etc. as well as for precious metals. Removes even stubborn and stuck residues of oil, grease and brake dust.

Ideally suited for the regular care and cleaning of aluminium and steel rims. The anti-corrosive effect gives the metals their beautiful appearance. Fully effective even in hard operating water and storage stable up to 0 °C.


RS 617

For cleaning the outside of trams and buses

Special cleaning agent for aluminium bodies. Protects lacquer coatings and anodising and brings out the full basic colour tone. The anti-corrosive effect gives the metals their beautiful appearance.

Sensitive lettering is not affected, nor are rubber and plastics. Fully effective even with hard operating water and storage stable up to 0 °C.