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Quadruple concentrated turbidity remover for hygiene and cleanliness in the pool & spa area (4 x 1000 ml).

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Quadruple-concentrated turbidity remover for hygiene and cleanliness in the pool & spa area (different container sizes available on request).

Refreshes the bath water in a few steps – you thus avoid frequent water changes – efficient and cost-saving.
Effectively removes inaccessible deposits and buildup from concealed line sections and pump area/filter.

pH neutral – no alcohol – can be stored well and safely

Water in the hot tub, outdoor spa, hot tub and indoor/outdoor pool can tip over in a matter of hours and days, despite chlorine or bromine treatment and intensive maintenance. Green, unsightly, turbid and not very bathable water is formed.

This is where BrilliantPOOL – the effective turbidity remover – can help.

  • fourfold concentrated turbidity remover for brilliant clear water
  • Finely dispersed turbid matter is easier to filter out
  • Brilliant effect is suitable for all types of filters, especially cartridge filters
  • acting independently of water temperature and care method used
  • the water treatment with BrilliantPOOL can prevent whirlpool dermatitis


At regular intervals – fortnightly or monthly – add a little BrilliantPOOL (approx. 0.1 – 0.5 l per m3) to the bath water, start pumps and circulation. In a few seconds, depending on the care and infestation condition, floating contaminants can become visible. Skim these off, for example quite simply with a fine-mesh landing net. Finally, wipe off the contamination at the edge of the pool.

You will get back a crystal clear, bath friendly water!

Best hygienic results are obtained by adding BrilliantPOOL to the residual water immediately before draining the entire pool contents, as well as after every longer pool break by adding a sufficient amount directly during refilling. Repeat filling and cleaning treatment using BrilliantPOOL Turbidity Remover until the pool water is crystal clear. Clean or replace filter inserts before use.


No hazard pictograms
Hazard statements:
Harmful to aquatic organisms, with long lasting effects.
Safety instructions:
Avoid release into the environment.


Contains cationic surfactants <1%, Neutral excipients.

No medicinal product. No biocide.

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